The Producers (2015)

Peurodyusa, Producer, 프로듀사

Korean Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance | Episodes 12

Subtitles: Eng | Indo


The drama is set in the backstage world of broadcasting industry. The story revolves around the dynamic work and life of people who work in entertainment division of television network. Ra Jun Mo, a 10-year veteran PD of variety shows, is described to have a long list of variety shows credit but without a notable program under his name. 10-year veteran music show PD, Tak Ye Jin, is described to have started read moreout as an innocent and smart young rookie but the harsh working competition has changed her personality. She now becomes a sharp and prideful woman who says whatever is on her mind even in front of her bosses. Rookie variety show PD, Baek Sung Chan, leaves a bright path as a prosecutor for a career in broadcast industry because of love. Diva-like top celebrity singer, Cindy, began as a trainee at the age of 13 and has been in industry for 10 years. She’s known as an ice princess because she never lets herself feel deep affection for anyone. She experienced a lot of betrayal in the past that cause her to keep everyone at a safe distance. Story will leave various deep messages about friendship, family, fame, support, bullying and betrayal in the broadcast industry.


Cha Tae Hyun PD Ra Jun Mo Main Role
Kim Soo Hyun PD Baek Seung Chan Main Role
IU Cindy Main Role
Gong Hyo Jin PD Tak Ye Jin Main Role
Park Hee Bon Baek Jae Hee [Seung Chan's older sister] Supporting Role
Ki Joo Bong Park Chun Bong [President of KBS] Supporting Role
Lee Chae Eun Son Ji Yeon [Writer of the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Jang Sung Bum Jo Yeon Chul [PD on Music Bank] Supporting Role
Go Bo Gyeol Wang Min Jeong [Youngest writer on 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Im Ye Jin Park Bong Sun [Jun Mo's mother] Supporting Role
Kim Jong Kook Kim Hong Sun [Variety division PD] Supporting Role
Kang Shin Chul Myeong Ji Hun [Jae Hee's husband] Supporting Role
Park Jong Hwan Baek Yeong Chan [Seung Chan's older brother] Supporting Role
Choi Sun Young Baek Yu Bin [Seung Chan's younger sister] Supporting Role
Chae Sang Woo Ra Jun Mo [Teen] Supporting Role
Mimi [Member of Pinky4] Supporting Role
Choi Kwon [Cindy's road manager] Supporting Role
Kim Hee Chan Tak Ye Jun [Ye Jin's younger brother] Supporting Role
Kim Hye Ok Lee Hu Nam [Seung Chan's mother] Supporting Role
Na Young Hee Byeon Mi Sook [CEO of Cindy's agency Byun Entertainment] Supporting Role
Park Hyeok Kwon Kim Tae Ho [Chief producer of the variety division and Jun Mo's superior] Supporting Role
Sun Ah Kim Da Jeong [Youngest writer on Music Ban] Supporting Role
Shin Joo Hwan Hyung Geun [Assistant director on 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Bae Yoo Ram Ryu Il Yong [Assistant director on 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Jo Han Chul Secretary Kim Supporting Role
Jo Seung Hee [Member of Pink #4] Supporting Role
Lee Joo Seung [FD on 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Kim Jong Soo Baek Bo Seon [Seung Chan's father] Supporting Role
Kim Soo Yeon [Member of Pinky4] Supporting Role
Noh Susanna [Publicist on 2 Days & 1 Night] Supporting Role
Ye Ji Won Go Yang Mi [Administrative employee] Supporting Role
Ryu Joon Yeol [Rookie PD](Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Park Sandara Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Kang Seung Yoon Himself [Actor in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Nichkhun Guest Role
Jo Kwon Guest Role
Jung Han Bi [Writer of Music Bank] Guest Role
Park Bo Gum Himself (Ep.9) Guest Role
Lee Chun Hee Lee Min Chul [Ye Jin's ex-boyfriend] Guest Role
Jo Yoon Hee PD Shin Hye Joo [Seung Chan's first love] Guest Role
Jang Hyuk Jang Hyun Sung [Ye Jin's ex-boyfriend] Guest Role
Park Jin Young Himself Guest Role
Kim Tae Yeon Herself (Ep.1) Guest Role
Hyun Yung Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Tiffany Herself (Ep.1) Guest Role
Shownu Himself (ep.9) Guest Role
Noh Min Woo Himself [Actor in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Won Ho Himself (ep.9) Guest Role
Lee Seung Gi Himself (Ep.6) Guest Role
Min Hyuk Himself (ep.9) Guest Role
Yang Hyun Min [Hani's manager](Ep.3) Guest Role
Yoon Jong Shin Himself (Ep.3) Guest Role
Ki Hyun Himself (ep.9) Guest Role
Kim Ryeo Wook Himself (Ep.9) Guest Role
Joo Heon Himself (ep.9) Guest Role
JNEY Ji Ni [Next Cindy] Guest Role
Yoon Yoo Sun Kim Tae Ho's wife (Ep.5) Guest Role
Jung Joon Young [Cindy's antifan] Guest Role
Roy Kim [Cindy's antifan] Guest Role
Na Hae Ryung Yuna [Previous Cindy] Guest Role
Kim Ji Soo Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Kim Min Jae Himself [Actor in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Geum Bo Ra Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Shin Dong Yup Himself (Ep.3) Guest Role
Hwang Shin Hye Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night] Guest Role
Jun Hyun Moo Himself Guest Role
Seo Hyun Herself (Ep.1) Guest Role
Go Ah Ra Herself [Cindy's Rival](Ep.8) Guest Role
Ha Seung Ri Tak Ye Jin [Teen] Guest Role
Gil Jung Woo Ra Jun Mo Guest Role
Yoon Yeo Jung Herself [Actress in 2 Days & 1 Night](Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Choi Joon Ho [Rookie PD] Guest Role
Jo Jung Chi Himself Guest Role
Lee Doo Suk Unknown Role
Seol In Ah Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean

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