Reply 1988 (2015)

Eungdabhara 1988, Answer Me 1988, Respond 1988, Answer To 1988, Respond To 1988, 응답하라 1988

Korean Drama , Comedy , Family , Friendship , Life , Romance , Youth | Episodes 20

Subtitles: Eng | Indo


Five childhood friends, who all live in the same Ssangmundong neighborhood of Seoul, lean on each other to survive their challenging teen years and set a path for their futures. Sung Deok Sun struggles for attention as the middle child in her poor family while also carrying the burden of her 989th ranking in school. Kim Jung Hwan only has a one-track mind for soccer, even after his family becomes rich overnight. read moreSung Sun Woo is the perfect student, student council president and a caring and dependable son in his family. Ryu Dong Ryong is a geek who knows more about girls and life than the rest of his friends, but his poor academic score prevents him from being able to go to college. Choi Taek is a genius baduk player who dropped out of school to go professional. As the group of friends gets into and out of mischief around the neighborhood, what experiences from these memorable times together will they carry with them into their future lives. Reply with 3 parts Reply 1997, Reply 1994


Ryu Joon Yeol Kim Jung Hwan Main Role
Hyeri Sung Deok Sun Main Role
Park Bo Gum Choi Taek Main Role
Lee Dong Hwi Ryu Dong Ryong Main Role
Go Kyung Pyo Sung Sun Woo Main Role
Choi Sung Won Sung No Eul Supporting Role
Kim Sun Young Kim Seon Yong [Sun Woo's Mother] Supporting Role
Son San [Deok Sun's homeroom teacher] Supporting Role
Yoo Jae Myung Yoo Jae Myung [Dong Ryong's Father] Supporting Role
Song Young Jae Mr. Lee [Part of Taek's entourage] Supporting Role
Ryu Hye Young Sung Bo Ra Supporting Role
Kim Ju Hyuk [Deok Sun's Future Husband] Supporting Role
Lee Mi Yeon Sung Deok Sun [Older] Supporting Role
Kim Seol Sung Jin Joo [Sun Woo's younger sister] Supporting Role
Lee Il Hwa Lee Il Hwa Supporting Role
Lee Se Young Hwang Ji Hyun [Deok Seon's friend] Supporting Role
Ra Mi Ran Ra Mi Ran [Jung Hwan's Mother] Supporting Role
Kim Sung Kyun Kim Sung Kyun [Jung Hwan's Father] Supporting Role
Kim Joong Ki Michael Supporting Role
Sung Dong Il Sung Dong Il Supporting Role
Choi Moo Sung Choi Moo Sung [Taek's Father] Supporting Role
Ahn Jae Hong Kim Jung Bong Supporting Role
Bae Yoo Ram Mr. Yoo [Part of Taek's entourage] Supporting Role
Lee Min Ji Jang Man Ok [Deok Sun's Friend] Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong [Deok Sun's Uncle] Guest Role
Yeo Hwi Hyung [Duk Sun’s blind date] Guest Role
Park Ji Yoon Reporter Park (Ep.7) Guest Role
Woo Hyun Sung No Eul [Older] Guest Role
Song Young Kyu Lee Tae Yong [Seon Yong's older brother) [ep.9&20] Guest Role
Cha Yeob [High School Senior] Guest Role
Lee Soo Kyung Soo Kyung [No Eul's girlfriend] Guest Role
Lee Moon Jung [Soo Kyung's older sister] Guest Role
Jung Woo [Sun Woo's friend](Ep.18) Guest Role
Lee Jong Hyuk Sun Woo [Adult -Voice] (Ep.20) Guest Role
Go Chang Seok [Man Ok's father](Ep.19) Guest Role
Kim Tae Hoon Choi Hyun Sung [Jung Bong's doctor](Ep.8) Guest Role
Kim Young Ok [Deok Sun's Grandmother](Ep.2) Guest Role
Jun Mi Sun Sung Bo Ra [Older] Guest Role
Shim Hoon Gi Ryu Dae Ryong [Dong Ryong's older brother] Guest Role
Shin Bi Sung Jin Joo [in 1994](Ep.18-20) Guest Role
Park Seung Tae [Sun Woo's grandmother] Guest Role
Park Jung Min [Bo Ra's boyfriend](Ep.8-9) Guest Role
Jung Yoo Min [Bo Ra's friend](Ep.8) Guest Role
Kim Soo Ro [Restaurant owner in Jeollado](Ep.3) Guest Role
Son Eun Seo [Mr. Yoo's girlfriend](Ep.18-20) Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Family , Friendship , Life , Romance , Youth , Korean

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