Kill Me Heal Me (2015)

Kilmihilmi, KMHM, 킬미힐미

Korean Drama , Comedy , Medical , Melodrama , Mystery , Romance | Episodes 20

Subtitles: Eng


Here is one man living in a Dystopian world. He was traumatized as a young child. It was difficult for him to deal with his childhood trauma so he created another personality to cope with his pain! His alter ego’s uncontrollable anger will explode after being suppressed in his subconscious. But the problem is that he will have no recollection of what happened while he was in a rage. But the split personality turns out to have splintered into a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seven personalities. He quietly seeks medical help and is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. What caused him to have multiple personalities? Why did his mind have to create seven personalities to suppress his past? What terrible things happened that he can’t remember now? An annoying woman appears in the life of this man who is torn apart. She is a psychiatrist but quite transparent in her intentions. He almost even dated her. When he asked her to take him on as her patient, she turns him down but offers to be his friend!


Hwang Jung Eum Oh Ri Jin Main Role
Ji Sung Cha Do Hyeon Main Role
Park Seo Joon Oh Ri On Main Role
Lee Doo Suk [Employee] Supporting Role
Kim Yong Gun Cha Gun Ho [Do Hyeon's dead grandfather] Supporting Role
Baek Chul Min Alex Supporting Role
Kim Il Woo Cha Yeong Pyo [Gi Jun's father] Supporting Role
Kim Hee Jung Ji Sun Yeong [Ri Jin's mother] Supporting Role
Ahn Nae Sang Cha Joon Pyo [Cha Do Hyeon's father] Supporting Role
Go Chang Seok Dr. Seok Ho Pil Supporting Role
Kim Young Ae Seo Tae Im [Do Hyeon's grandmother] Supporting Role
Kim Amy Ri Jin [Young] Supporting Role
Myung Se Bin Min Seo Yeon [Jun Pyo's dead wife] Supporting Role
Kim Min Gyeol Oh Ri Jin [Young] Supporting Role
Kim Ye Joon Oh Ri On [Young] Supporting Role
Choi Won Young Secretory Ahn Gook Supporting Role
Shim Hye Jin Shin Hwa Ran [Do Hyeon's mother] Supporting Role
Choi Hyo Eun Joo Mi Ra Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Joo Baek Jin Suk [Chae Yeon's mother] Supporting Role
Kim Na Woon Yoon Ja Kyeong [Gi Jun's mother] Supporting Role
Park Jun Gyu Oh Dae Oh [Ri Jin's father] Supporting Role
Lee Do Hyun Cha Do Hyeon [Young] Supporting Role
Kang Soo Jin Lee Yeong Seon Supporting Role
Kim Hyung Bum Section Chief Choi Supporting Role
Oh Min Suk Cha Gi Jun Supporting Role
Kim Yoo Ri Han Chae Yeon Supporting Role
Kwon Yoo Ri Ahn Yo Na [Girl at the bookstore](Ep.20) Guest Role
Woo Hyun [Mentally unstable patients brought to the ER](Ep.1) Guest Role
Lee Shi Eon Dr. Park Min Jae Guest Role
Kan Mi Youn [Se Gi's girlfriend](Ep.1) Guest Role
Gu Jun Yeop [DJ at the club](Ep.1) Guest Role
Heo Ji Wung [Ri On's editor](Ep. 7-8 & 10) Guest Role
Jung Hae Won J.I ["Rocking" idol group leader](Ep.8 & 11-12) Guest Role
Douma Matthew [Guy beating a girl in America](Ep.1) Guest Role
Ahn Young Mi [Tarot card reader](Ep.13) Guest Role
Kim Seul Gi Heo Sook Hee [Patient](Ep.1-4) Guest Role
Jo Chang Geun Dr. Kang In Kyu Guest Role
Seo Yi Ahn Hong Ji Sun [Do Yeon's blind date](Ep.8) Guest Role
Han Ji Sun [Blind Date Woman] Guest Role
Jung Eun Pyo [Psychiatrist who was afraid of Do Hyun](Ep.1) Guest Role
Park Seul Gi [MC at the idol event](Ep.8) Guest Role
Kang Dong Yup Unknown Role


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