Beautiful Mind (2016)

Dr. Frankenstein, Doctor Frankenstein, Dagteo Peulangkensyootain, 닥터 프랑켄슈타인, 뷰티풀 마인드

Korean Drama , Medical , Mystery , Romance , Thriller | Episodes 14

Subtitles: Eng | Indo


Lee Yeong Oh, who is a genius neurosurgeon, is the best at what he does but because of an accident in his frontal lobe, he lacks sympathy for his patients and has erratic personalities. When a series of bizarre patient deaths occur at the hospital, police investigators converge around Yeong Oh. Rookie cop, Gye Jin Sung, who is a detective in the violent crimes division, is sent to investigate Yeong Oh.


Park Se Young Kim Min Jae Main Role
Yoon Hyun Min Hyun Suk Joo Main Role
Jang Hyuk Lee Yeong Oh Main Role
Park So Dam Gye Jin Sung Main Role
Lee Shi Won Lee Shi Hyun Supporting Role
Shim Yi Young Kim Yoon Kyung Supporting Role
Ha Jae Sook Jang Moon Kyung Supporting Role
Yoo Jae Myung Noh Seung Chan Supporting Role
Ryu Seung Soo Kim Myung Soo Supporting Role
Lee Sung Wook Yoo Jang Bae Supporting Role
Kim Do Hyun Kwon Duk Joong Supporting Role
Jang Ki Yong Nam Ho Young Supporting Role
Min Sung Wook So Ji Yong Supporting Role
Heo Joon Ho Lee Gun Myung Supporting Role
Dong Ha Yang Sung Eun Supporting Role
Jung Hee Tae Park Soo Bum Supporting Role
Kim Jong Soo Shin Dong Jae Supporting Role
Jun Sung Woo Hong Kyung Soo Supporting Role
Oh Jung Se Kang Hyun Joon Supporting Role
Lee Jae Ryong Chae Soon Ho Supporting Role
Jo Jae Wan Oh Kyung Jin Supporting Role
Jung Moon Sung Hwang Jung Hwan Supporting Role
Baek Seung Hwan Lee Yeong Oh [Young] Supporting Role
Woo Jung Kook Lee Kwang Bok Supporting Role
Yang Hee Myung [Detective] Supporting Role
Mo Ri Yoo Lee Hae Joo Supporting Role
Park Eun Hye Shim Eun Ha Supporting Role
Seo Joon Young Lee Sang Joon Supporting Role
Woo Don Gi Lee Gwang Bok Supporting Role
Gong Hyung Jin Detective No Seung Chan Supporting Role
Yeon Je Wook Song Ki Ho Supporting Role
Park Soon Chun [Jin Sung's mom](Ep.7) Guest Role
Seo Yoon Ah Eun Joo (Ep.12) Guest Role
Kang Ei Shik [Doctor](Ep.7) Guest Role
Lee Jae Woo [Patient](Ep.12-13) Guest Role
Lee Do Hyun Yoo Seob (Ep.10) Guest Role
Nam Kyung Min [Patient's wife](Ep.13) Guest Role
Kim Da Ye [Heart transplant patient](Ep.7) Guest Role
Lee Ja Min [Nurse](Ep.9) Guest Role
Jo Byung Kyoo [Jin Sung's brother] Guest Role
Lee Dong Kyu Kang Chul Min (Ep.1) Guest Role
Bang Dae Han Dong Jun [Chul Min's son](Ep.1) Guest Role
Kim Tae Hyung Guest Role
Lee So Yun Kang Shi Joo [Patient](Ep.11) Guest Role
Jang Hyuk Jin Unknown Role

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Drama , Medical , Mystery , Romance , Thriller , Korean

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